Chathra Jayasekera

27 years
Dota 2
Perfection never exists, we have negatives. No matter what darkness or contradictions lie within the brotherhood, I am still Chathra " RinnegaN 輪廻眼" Jayasekera of Xiphos eSports


Full Name : Chathra RinnegaN Jayasekera
Specializes in: FPS, MOBA
Primary Game : Dota 2
Other games : 
Current Status: active
Actively playing E-Sports since 2012




Dota 2

History of RinnegaN

I’ve always wanted to represent a group of enthusiastic players who would keep me as an exciting individual . I’ve started playing games at the age of 12 years and the 1st game i played competitively was counter Strike 1.6. I’ve moved on as the game did not progress in the early stage of the year 2013 in Sri-Lanka. I found myself playing at Vortex gaming café during that stage and i saw a group of people with a black t-shirt competing for glory. Those were the days where I felt that if I could achieve something like that, I can get acknowledged and most probably find myself in their shoes. It was Death Company which is the 1st Clan in the country. It was a prestige to wear that black outfit but I was not lucky enough due to my age. Gradually, in the year 2016, I finally made my way to the re branded Xiphos Esports. Now I’ve been acknowledged and now I find myself administrating the 1st Clan in Sri lanka . It took me 12 years to come to this stage .