Sanuth Nathavitharana

20 years
Rainbow Six Siege
Eat, Sleep, Game Repeat.


Full Name : Sanuth icoNNN Nathavitharana
Specializes in: FPS
Primary Game : Rainbow Six Siege
Current Status: active
Actively playing E-Sports since 2017


Second Place - Silver
SLIIT FunFest 2019
Call of Duty 4

History of icoNNN

Call of Duty 4 MW was my first competitive game which I played for around 3 years. In 2019 I played Rainbow Six Siege in a Cafe for around 4 months and I enjoyed it alot. So I Bought the game for myself and I loved it. Rainbow Six Siege was my main and then I joined Xiphos eSports to play Rainbow Six Siege Competitively and here I am grinding 24/7 ;)