Ahamed Nizar

34 years
Counter-Strike 1.6
Breathe, before and after every kill.


Full Name : Ahamed Chaos Nizar
Specializes in: FPS, MOBA
Primary Game : Counter-Strike 1.6
Other games : 
Dota 2
Current Status: retired
Played for 11 years as an E-Sports Athlete

History of Chaos

I’ve always been gaming. From the Sega Genesis to the PS2 to PC gaming. Whilst car racing was more of a recreational gaming choice, FPS and intense Single Player Games was what bought about my competitive side.

Saving up pocket money I would head to the gaming cafes that were around the city of Colombo. The usual haunt was C@C in Kohuwela where my affair with Warcraft 3 and Dota began. Mindhead for never ending rounds of IceWorld and PoolDay on Counter Strike 1.5.

Gaming allowed me to make connections with amazing people, many of which I am close to today. Our friendship also created teams that engaged in the competitive gaming world, both on LAN and Online.

Now I am retired, traded in my custom built PCs for MacBooks. However, you might see me online playing a game of DOTA or a competitive scrim in CS:GO. I’m not training for anything, just waiting for my car to finish getting washed at the service centre.