Aasaf Samoo

34 years
Coach Team Manager
Dota 2
Everything is personal and nothing is business


Full Name : Aasaf AZRi3L Samoo
Specializes in: FPS, MOBA
Primary Game : Dota 2
Other games : 
Call of Duty 4
Current Status: retired
Played for 12 years as an E-Sports Athlete



Call of Duty 4

Origin Unknown

Dota 2

History of AZRi3L

I grew up playing RTSs, RPGs & FPSs on the PC as well as the PS. This all changed when Jackal & Co introduced me to LAN COD4 after school ;) thus begun the competitive life. We formed a team & joined DC, lost our first tourney 13-1 after that we won a bunch of tournaments since then and could have lived happily ever after but no instead I discovered DOTA at a SLCG and was drawn to it thus ending the FPSs games.

Akila aka Wasted took me under his wing & thought me how to MOBA and he formed the BOTS. Akila is like Master Splinter and the Bots we were his Ninja Turtles. Fast forward a few years, I started playing with Suniya. We formed Origin Unknown and have since then successfully finished top 3 right until I quit competitive DOTA as well.

Now I occasionally catch a game or two of DOTA otherwise every now and then apart from that I am pretty much into playing single player games on the console or some Destiny 2 on the PC.

Somewhere between all that competitive gaming there so many fun times which involved MMOs, lockdowns, Chinse food nights, LAN Parties and actual parties. Met so many amazing people through gaming and most of them are my best friends now. We still love eating Chinese & talking game when we hangout.